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"I worked closely with Kathleen while working on my graduate school application to the University of Cambridge and the Rotary Global Grant Scholarship application. Kathleen, encouraged me not to be afraid of tell my story! I am immensely grateful to Kathleen for all her guidance and mentorship thought out my application process!"


Sahar Monsoor,

M.Phil. University of Cambridge

Rotary Global Scholar


"Kathleen guided me through my scholarships and future endeavors as an advisor and friend. It is because of her help that I received a Gilman International Scholarship to study abroad in El Salvador with Casa de la Solidaridad, was awarded the Millennium Momentum Foundation Scholarship, and obtained Capital Executive Fellowship!I!"


Natalie Hernandez, 

Gilman Scholar

Capital Fellow


"Without Kathleen's help, I wouldn't be in Thailand now! Her support and guidance were so integral in my application process. She helped with everything from choosing a country that fit my personality and needs, to making sure I shared stories that related to how I could help the Thai ETA program to capturing the smallest of editing mistakes (that you're surely to miss after reading your essay 938261475 times... Or at least I did)! The past eight months have been rewarding, challenging, and life-changing, and I owe Kathleen a great thanks for helping me get here. Thank you, Kathleen!"


Griffin Gosnell

Fulbright Scholar



"The first time I met Kathleen was at a scholarship workshop with the Loyola Marymount University honors program. I had just entered my first year and was excited to get started, but then I met Kathleen at this workshop and was told I had to already start planning for when I graduate! I could barely even navigate the university at the time, and now I had to navigate my university exit four years down the road? I laughed and thought she was crazy. But after the workshop and overtime I sat down with Kathleen many, many times. We refined my general interests into specific lines of work, weighed what opportunities might suit those academic and professional interests best, and went after those opportunities with many back and forth revisions and iterations. It was incredible because over the process Kathleen helped me win two major environmental scholarships that defined where I ended up going after my time at LMU. In retrospect, she wasn't so crazy after all because her diligence and persistence with these fellowships is what makes her so effective. I am very grateful to have had Kathleen help me. She is the best at what she does and her passion for the field speaks for itself. I would definitely recommend Kathleen first and foremost to anyone looking for guidance on scholarships."


Sergio Gonzalez

Environmental Protection Agency-GRO Scholar

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduate Student

"Thanks to Kathleen's mentoring and advice, I spent a junior year abroad that led me to an international career. Her feedback on my graduate school admissions essay helped me successfully gain entrance into a top five program in my field, with a fully funded tuition scholarship and fellowship. Her impact on my early educational experiences expanded the opportunities available to me as a girl from San Bernardino to a successful twenty year career with an international NGO, and work on every continent except Antarctica."


Sharon Cyr

Univerisity of California, Riverside Alumna

US State Depaartment

Dr.Harris had an endless supply of ideas when I needed some direction both as an undergrad LMU student, as a grad student, and as an alum a few years later. I have always known I wanted to go to Latin America but I wasn't sure how to get there, thanks to her help and encouragement I'm headed to Argentina for a Fulbright English teaching grant next spring. She has always been a great resource for figuring out what's next and how to make it happen because she really takes the time to get to know you and your interests and strengths and makes exactly the right suggestions.I'm a paragraph.


Melissa Zeitler

Fulbright Scholar



"Thanks in great measure to the support and advice of Kathleen, I'll be graduating with my PhD in Near Eastern Archaeology in the fall. I am living my dreams and travelling around the world."


Tiffany Early

Ph.D. Candidate, Johns Hopkins University

"Kathleen was patient, kind, and relentless when it came to helping me find and apply for graduate school funding opportunities. She's immensely knowledgable about college planning and is able to parse and prioritize the overwhelming amount of information surrounding university admissions based on your individual assets and aspirations. And she is your pragmatic, hilarious, and supportive champion throughout the process. I was able to complete a fully funded Masters degree at Cambridge and a PhD at Oxford as a result of her efforts in shepherding me through the application process for the Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Scholarship. I only wish I had been able to access her guidance when I was 17 and beginning my academic career."


Nikia Clarke

M.Phil, University of Cambridge

Ph.D., Oxford University

Jack Kent Cooke Scholar

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